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Subject: "Subconscious Mind Secrets"

From: Terry Goss
Subconscious Mind Secrets.com

  My dear mental friend, 

I'm happy to share with you, my powerful subconscious mind secrets. This e-course will help you quickly grow in mind power. You'll literally think your way to a better life!

  When I was younger, there was a game show on Television called "To Tell The Truth". The game show was about a panelist of four celebrities trying to figure out which of the three contestants were telling the truth.

  The contestants all claimed to be the one truthful professional of a certain occupation.

  Each celebrity would take turns asking each contestant probing questions about the profession; in hope of detecting a lie that would reveal the contestant as one of the phonies.

  The question and answering would go on throughout the show. At the  end of the show, the host would shout, "will the real (profession) please stand up!"

  The audience and celebrities would stare and wait. Each contestant would partially stand up, as if they were the real professional. Finally, the real professional would stand up.

  Everyone would be shocked! Because the other contestants gave such good answers to the questions, and never gave themselves away as a phony.

  Today, we ask: 

    "Will The Real Subconscious Mind, Please Stand Up!"

  You see, there's a lot of phony information about the subconscious mind floating about. The purpose of your e-course is to tell the truth.
Your e-course is designed to introduce you to your subconscious mind, and clear up some of the many myths.

  Your e-course is divided into (7) seven parts. You can choose to have them emailed to you every other day; or, you can have the whole e-course at once.

"Thank you very much for your lessons, I will be very upset will not have it anymore. It helped me to think from another side about life. I can not to explain many things I want to tell, because I don't know English very well. Sorry for that. Anyway thank you very, very much."

Anna Zilberg, Brooklyn, NY. USA

               Here are the lesson titles:

Lesson#1. "Is The Subconscious Mind Just A Big Junky Mental Closet Full Of Dark Repressed Fears And Embarrassing Sexual Desires?"

Lesson#2. "Do Affirmations Really Work?" Or, "Can You Trick Your Subconscious Mind Into Something By Repeating It Over And Over?"

Lesson#3. "Does Your Subconscious Mind Get Its Power From The Universal Power Source?"

Lesson#4. "Can Your Subconscious Mind Tell Time?" Or, "Master Of The Nano-Second"

Lesson#5. "Can Your Subconscious Mind Influence Other Minds, Or Is There Something Else?"

Lesson#6. "Coincidence And Luck?" Or, "Did A Program Just Snap On?"

Lesson#7. "Can You Actually Have A Daily Personal Relationship With Your Subconscious Mind?"

Bonus,  Special Report :

"Is Your Mind Programmed For Wealth?"

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  It's an intriguing report that gives you deep insight into your subconscious mind programming and your accumulation of wealth. You'll know if you're programmed for wealth. This unusual report is a "must have" for these economic times ($9.97 value).

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Thanks in advance for your business; I appreciate it.

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Terry Goss
Terry Goss
Subconscious Mind Secrets

P.S. Remember, this is an exclusive private E-Course. Not available anywhere else on the internet.

After your purchase, you can choose to take your e-course as email lessons, or have the full e-course right away!

Terry Goss
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